Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I was bowled over ….

Well, anyone would be ….. In fact, bowled over twice - see what you think to this......
For my Christmas present from Dai, I had not one but two brand new shiny washing up bowls AND a very shiny new toast rack.   I am one lucky girl.

Needless to say, both are gifts I was yearning for.   Do you know just how difficult it is to buy a washing up bowl these days and, as for toast racks, well ………….   We have been moored up in middle of Birmingham city centre for 2 weeks now and could not get either item anywhere.   So Dai set off Christmas Eve and returned about 4 hours later with my surprises!!

Christmas Day was as quiet as it can be with just us - the highlight of the day for me was Skype-ing with Amy in Thailand (after she got back from work as, of course, it is predominently a Buddist country so christmas is not celebrated)  and for Dai it was “Dr. Who”. Then we both enjoyed the Strictly Christmas Special, the Midwives and then Downton Abbey before we stumbled to bed full of food and drink!

You wouldn’t believe what has just bobbed by our boat!    Priceless!   A washing up bowl - proof below.   It has now got wedged at the bow of a boat moored opposite us.   I was just about to ask Dai to go and fish it out for me but realised that somehow that seems like I am ungrateful for all his traipsing around the backstreets of Birmingham (and it is slewing it down with rain and I might just get an earful)  - but, yes,  I do already now have one in reserve.   Three on the boat does seem a tad greedy.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and once the New Year celebrations are out of the way next week, we can all get back to normality.  

Have a Very Happy New Year and trust that 2013 will bring you all you wish for.

Since last blog we have done … 0 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 2069 miles and  1701 locks  

PS - I did get a lovely bunch of flowers as well.   Dai is still enjoying the fruits of my 6 hour baking session - mince pies and sausage rolls galore!
Foxxie getting acquainted with her new friend Piggy.
Thanks Uncle Fred and Auntie Lisa xx


  1. Hi Jampot, you can never have too many washing up bowls (according to Shaunie) and as for toast racks, what happened to toast pyramid on plate? You and your fangled modcom gadgets.
    Have a Fab new year, love you lots speak soon x x x Mandie

  2. Following your blog with interest. Have to say I'd have gone mad if I'd got a washing up bowl on Xmas morning ;)

    One Thing After Another

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