Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jandai for Sale


After much thinking, pondering and debating, I have decided to sell Jandai.
I cannot cruise on my own.
I cannot live in a marina.
I cannot live on Jandai without Dai.

I am looking for a house to buy near my family in Notts.   I even find it too distressing to stay on Jandai until I have a new home so am now living temporarily with my mum.

Currently deciding who to use for a brokerage while I empty the boat - can only manage to do that one day a week having spent the week building up to going.  

I want to "publicly" thank John and Mick of Kingfishers Narrowboats at Trent Lock on the Erewash Canal as they are letting me stay on their moorings until Jandai goes to a brokerage - they are so incredibly supportive.

Enjoy your summer cruises everyone.


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