Friday, September 13, 2013

Jandai is Sold


Thought I would just let you all know that Jandai is sold.  I cannot describe how I feel about it, so I'm not going to try.

I am now truly land-based having bought a house in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, close to my mum; brother and his family; and my sister-in-law.   I do love my house - only problem is remembering where I've put everything - there is so much room!

Foxxie has settled down well and now has a permanent garden to guard!

Hope you all have had good summer cruises and of course, are now either thinking about hunkering down for the fast approaching winter or planning routes to keep on the move!

This will probably be the last post I write so thank you all for "listening" to me over the last years and Good Luck to you all.  I miss the Narrowboating Community - long may it last!

Cheers, Janice


  1. Jan,

    May I wish you all the best in your future. It must be very hard to leave the narrowboating community that you loved, but you have been very brave and made a firm decision.

    I hope you will still keep reading the blogs and maybe leave a comment or two on some just to keep touch. It would be nice to do that you know.

    I am sure there are many, many people who have enjoyed your blog including me.. And I was so pleased to have met you both.. Lucky me.

    Take care Jan, and keep in touch yeah?

  2. Best wishes for the future x

  3. You may have moved onto the bank but to all of us you will always be part of the community of the cut. Best wishes for the future from Armadillo.

  4. Best wishes for the future Jan, stay in touch occasionally. Carol and George.

  5. Hope all goes well for you and Foxxie. Will be in touch when we are settled back in Nottingham. Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Much love Pat and Roger X

  6. Jan,

    I thought that you might like to know that Jandai was on the Coventry today. I took some pictures just in case you would like to see them? If you do please let me know.

    1. Hi
      Good to know jandai is now out and about. thoughtful of you to take some photos but I don't want any now thanks.
      Cheers Janice

  7. Saw her today at Weedon - looking good and the new owners were being very good!

  8. Jan

    My wife and I are so very sorry to learn of Dai's passing.. You won't remember us but we met only briefly in September 2010 when moored next to you for a day or two in the Ellesmere arm. You had not long had Jandai and whilst I chattered with Dai on the towpath, you gave my wife a tour of Jandai.

    To us you were thoroughly nice people and belatedly, our thoughts are with you.

  9. I've just found your blog searching canal boats and was in tears at the end. I'm sorry for your loss and hope the time you had together boating remains a comfort, you did it and spent the time together. Your story is an inspiration to all not to waste a life. I hope that time exchanges sadness for smiles at the memories of the good times you both had.

  10. Kay - how kind of you to leave a comment. This act typifies the ethos of "canal loving" people.
    thank you, Janice