Wednesday, October 13, 2010

200 Days Today

This week we have done … Quoisley Lock, Wrenbury, Hurleston Locks on Llangollen. Then turned south on Shroppie and are now moored at Nantwich.

We spent a total of 26 days on the Llangollen Canal. Last year when we did same canal during a 2 week holiday we spent the grand total of 5 days …. We are definitely slowing down !!!

Just can’t believe the weather this last week. It is October isn’t it ---- yet I’ve been sitting topping up my tan every afternoon since last Saturday!!! Mornings are misty and the evenings cold cos we now have to have a fire every evening ---- but afternoons - well, could it last a bit longer please!!!!

This week we have had a battery management system fitted to Jandai. I won’t go into all the technical details (ha ha ---- cos I can’t) but do understand that it means the batteries charge up quicker therefore our fuel consumption will be lower. Dai has worked it out that in theory, it should pay for itself in around a year and give the batteries an extra year of use before we have to replace them, so that’s all good news. We have six leisure batteries as we are running a fridge, freezer and washing machine as well as usual things like a telly, charging up laptop, phones, toothbrushes, etc. Then there is an additional battery for the engine start up. So that’s about as “technical” as I can get !!

I had my hair cut yesterday ---- about 4 inches off and thinned out, so my balance was a bit wobbly for a while until I got used to not having so much weight on my head. It was getting a bit wild I must admit. Still growing out the blonde - looks a bit like I’m wearing a brown with streaking silver coloured cap. Ar well, another six months and the blonde should be all gone.

Talking about 6 months ---- today is Day 200 of our New Life - think we’ll have to celebrate that tonight don’t you ?

Since last blog we have done … 14 miles and 10 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 812 miles and 807 locks.------ miles now more than locks for first time for ages and ages.
misty october 11 sunrise at nantwich on shropshire union canal

misty october 11 morning at Nantwich on the Shropshire Union Canal looking north

Foxxie and an invisible Janice sunbathing that same 11 october afternoon

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  1. Congratulations on your 200th Day!