Friday, October 29, 2010

Fastest Sawer in the West - not me !

(late post this week as no signal where we moored Wed and Thursday.)

This week we have done …  Audlem to Adderley ---- all of 3 miles but 18 locks!

Yes, slightly more boats out this week - (a) because its half term and (b) the weather ---- lots of sunshine with a couple of frosty mornings.  

Nothing much to report this week ----- no excitement to call any and we haven’t been very far !    One thing we have noticed this week though is lots of owls a-hooting in the evenings.    In fact one night at Audlem they were obviously having a big party !

Got a brilliant wood haul today ---- Dai went off with Foxxie (routine thing that Foxxie has to have a walk along towpath when we first moor up somewhere) and discovered a mega branch which had fallen.    It took us 2 trips to carry it back and then hours to saw it up.    I do try to do my share of sawing but won’t win any prizes for Fastest Sawer in the West.

Since last blog we have done …  3 miles and 18 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 822 miles and  829 locks
Dai taking a minute

did the axe slip Dai ??    Naw - its a lamb neck bone (guess what we had for dinner that night??)
Good haul of ash

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