Wednesday, October 20, 2010

of no fixed abode !

spot the hot air balloon !!

This week we have done …  Nantwich  to Audlem ---- all of 7 miles and 4 locks!

We are now officially “of no fixed abode” --- I won’t say homeless cos that’s not true as Jandai is our home.   Sale of the house was completed last Friday.     Mixed feelings ---- I am relieved it has gone before winter kicks in, but at same time, didn’t really feel like celebrating.    Not that I have any second thoughts, it’s just that the house was built just over 100 yrs ago by my family and has been in the family ever since.   Still, we can now say that we are true boaters !!!

First frost this week when we woke up on Sunday and this morning.     It was Sod’s Law Sunday morning though.   For a while we have been looking out for some paint for the fire to do some touching up and found some.   So Sat evening was cloudy when we went to bed so decided to let fire go out as it obviously needs to be cold to paint and so we get the first frost !     Fire had to stay in since Sunday though and will probably be in now until next spring !!  

I have just today finished crocheting my second Christmas blanket so now Samuel and Millie (nephew and neice) have one each ready to send to Santa.    Sam’s is in blues and Millie’s in purples and yellow --- or rather, gold, as Millie told me that gold is her favourite colour (ha ha, week before it was purple).    Gotta decide on my next project now, maybe I’ll start a new craft for me ---- a rag rug.    I have the special tool, just need to get some “rags” now which think will mean a visit to charity shops at our next town stop which will be Market Drayton.  

Still lots of boats around but number is definitely going down now --- expect to see a few more hire boats out next week as it’s school half-term.

Since last blog we have done …  7 miles and 4 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 819 miles and  811 locks
taken on Oct 17 - wonder how many more days I'll be able to dry washing outside this year ?!

here's that balloon getting a bit closer (you can even see the flames if you look closely!)

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