Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Systems Are A Go Go

Yippee - we are on the move!    Last night BW opened Woodeaves Cutting with a restriction past the fallen rocks from landslide.    Our wanderings between Brewood and Norbury can stop at last - not that we don’t like this stretch of the Shroppie but we have been here a long time now - since Nov 25 when the Great Freeze began at Wheaton Aston.

So today we have had our longest day cruising since last March when we started living on Jandai - 15 miles and 10 locks !!!    We need to get to Nantwich on Friday as I am going by train(s) back to Nottingham to celebrate Amy’s 22nd birthday for the weekend.       I’m sure we’ll both be zzzzz-ing by 8 o’clock tonight !

We are now in the Six Nations spell so HAVE to get telly on certain days to watch the rugby (even though Wales lost last weekend - oh dear, don’t let’s mention it - sorry Dai).    Prob is that during the wild winds on Monday our TV aerial ended up going for a swim in the canal.   Dai managed to hook it out but all the fixings have been pulled from the boat so we are in a bit of a pickle right now!     Another reason to get to Nantwich before Saturday as more rugby this coming weekend.

Saw a sparrow hawk chasing his dinner yesterday ----- trouble is he was after my tits.      They were all feasting on nuts and fatballs when down the hawk swooped.     Didn’t see that he caught anything but probably did as the tits round the boat had had several days filling their little bellies to bursting ---- it all happened so quickly of course that I couldn’t get the camera sorted in time but then whilst travelling today spotted another bird of prey who then settled on  a branch so managed to get a quick photo.

Happy Birthday to Millie and Mand who both celebrated this week - drinks are on me Sunday!!

Since last blog we have done …  17 miles and 10 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 946 miles and  862 locks

magnificent bird of prey - not sure which one though
beware !
"proceed with caution" - you're not kidding!  narrow cutting with  landslide obstruction, another boat coming and a bridge!  Does it get better than this ?     Steady as she goes Dai

side of cutting where the landslide came from

and some of the offending rocks !

looking back after we crawled by

you can see better here how long and narrow Woodeaves Cutting is

Sunset over Gnosall on February 4

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