Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 1 declared a Honorary Sunday

Still wandering up and down Shroppie waiting for the stoppage at Woodeaves Cutting to be lifted ---- have been south to Brewood and then back north to Gnosall this week.

We woke up to a big surprise last Monday …… it wasn’t freezing when we went to bed but obviously did during the night - severely.   Ice on the canal this morning and we couldn’t stay at Brewood cos no water and no loo emptying facility.    After a war council, decided we better try and get at least to Wheaton Aston just in case we were beginning Ice Age Two.    Had to pole break ice in the winding hole which was only a few yards from where we were moored but we managed to turn around.    Then off we went ---- ice covering varied from about one cm to slush to nothing.     Used the services at Wheaton Aston and also filled up with diesel there but as the ice seemed to be getting more non-existent - and the fact that the narrow boat following in our wake passed us as we were dieseling up - it was our  turn to follow them doing the ice breaking.    Only prob was that they were only travelling at tickover so took us an age to go the 5 miles to Gnosall.     No ice here so we moored up - plan is to go on up to Norbury Wharf tomorrow in the hope that the stoppage will be gone by the weekend.

Yesterday - February 1st - we decreed was a Honorary Sunday!!   It was a lovely sunny, warm day and  before our daily walk, we had gone to get some meat from the local butcher, fancying pork chops.   I asked for 2 fairly hefty chops - well, the butcher didn’t fail us !    So with so much meat and the fact we had a bottle of tonic water that would be non-fizzy by next Sunday, we decided to go the whole Sunday hog with G & T, bottle of wine and even my homemade apple pie.     Perhaps every first of a month should be a Honorary Sunday in future!

Today is dull, drizzly with a bitter wind - weather is back and forth, back and forth - just hope it isn’t snowing tomorrow!

Since last blog we have done …  12 miles and 2 locks
total since Setting Off ….. 929 miles and  852 locks

skittering ice as we go through
this was about as thick as it got

our very own way through the ice

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