Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nearly got arrested

Yes, we made it to Nantwich on Friday !   Big, big shop at Morrisons necessary - well, we had run out of port too !    Some nights we have supper - inevitably cheese and biscuits and you just can’t have that without a nice glass of LBV port now can you.

I deserted Dai, Foxxie and Jandai on Saturday morning to go to Nottingham - Nantwich to Crewe; to Derby; to Nottingham.    Took Amy to Loch Fyne as her birthday treat (a week early cos she is spending her birthday weekend in Liverpool with friends).    We had an amazing meal including Lobster Platter, then painted the town red !     Sunday was good too as Amy and I went to Hucknall where ma cooked us Sunday dinner and also for Mand, Shaunie, Sam and Millie.      Came back Monday and we are still at Nantwich cos of the bitter wind and cold since then.    Probably moving tomorrow still northwards to Barbridge and maybe moor next on the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie - depends on what the weather is doing.

Dai managed to get the TV aerial fixings glued back on after trying 3 different types of adhesive…. And he has replaced our kitchen window blind with a new roller blind.    The old one was one of those pretend metal venetian blind things which has been fine but when I tried to clean it the other day, it is so flimsy that once bent, the slats won’t return to a nice straight position so it looked awful.  

Got homemade steak and kidney pudding steaming away on top of the fire for dinner tonight and another in the fridge for tomorrow as we had too much filling for just the one as it turned out.

Since last blog we have done …  9 miles and 17 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 955 miles and  879 locks

Lobster Platter to share with Amy

Amy scooping out crayfish flesh

my niece Millie who asked us for a policeman's outfit for her 6th birthday last week to go with her nerff gun and walkie talkie (what happened to dollies ??)

Amy getting arrested - luckily (for me at least - sorry Amy ) then the handcuff keys were lost !

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