Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Frills and Furrie Downbelows

Ha ha --- did 2 miles cruising this morning - from Trent Lock up to first winding hole and back again to get a new gas bottle from a garage there.    The platform Dai built for me does mean I can now see over the boat roof so maybe, just maybe, I might just steer her sometimes!!

So, what have we done this week?    Not  a lot !!   It was our 5th wedding anniversary last Friday so after champagne on Jandai we went for a meal at The Trent Lock which was very nice.    Only a few steps away - it used to be The Navigation but has been totally refurbished and is now selling itself as a gastro-pub.   Quite plush inside and the food very good albeit pricey (and the portions are not really “boat person” size!) but for a special occasion, well worth it.

Saturday we got the train (well, 2 trains!) to visit my brother and family for dinner - couldn’t have a barby as too chilly but a good meal nonetheless with plenty of stuff to wash it all down!  Dai had a bit of a challenge Monday night when Amy came to dinner with two of her friends as Andy is vegetarian - but very acceptable meal of Indian bits with spicy potatoes and rice, everyone enjoyed it.    And my mum came Tuesday and we took a meandering walk up to Sawley marina and back.

Erewash Canal here is still covered in duckweed - it disappeared in the recent winds but is back with a vengeance now.    Harmless I know but doesn’t look very scenic !

Who knows what “frills and furrie downbelows” means??    My mum came out with it on her last visit - was a saying of her grandmother!    I love it -  I guess we would say “she looks like a right floozie” - will have to remember that one!

Since last blog we have done …  2 miles and  0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1425 miles and  1165 locks  


  1. Hi,
    Whatever you do DO NOT google "frills and furrie downbelows".
    Yes you are the top reference, but the following references are not really PG rated!! LOL

  2. ohmigod ---- now I really daren't google it --- I must be so naive !!
    think I better change the title!!