Wednesday, September 14, 2011

last picnic of 2011 ?

Still at Trent Lock !   Two weeks ago I wrote “We think we will probably go week after next when the children are back at school as we might go down the Soar and through Leicester.”    Well, change of plan.  Dai has agreed that we can stay here until Amy flies off to Thailand sometime early October.    She is moving out there to work - teaching English.    So, not sure what our plans are after that ….. Watch this space as they say - and I’ve just seen an email from BW saying the Winter Stoppages programme is now out and final so will need to study that.

Didn’t post last Wednesday ---- we went back into the dry dock as we needed some back boards just inside the back doors replacing which had got weathered a bit last winter and as it was forecast to rain, then in we went so I spent the day transferring Dai’s Cds to his ipod and by the time I had done this for several hours, totally forgot about the blog!     Only 2 more folders x 98 discs to do!

Still, not a lot of “boatie” things to tell you - it’s gone very quiet here with hardly any boat movement.  Mind you, probably due to the fact that its been so windy last few days!    Dai has been busy every weekday go-for-ing for Mick and John as they work on their latest boat which he's really enjoying.

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and  0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1421 miles and  1165 locks  

even with homemade fishing rods, Sam got a "nibble"
and everyone of the fish Millie caught "fell off"

Dai having to re-attach the hook to Millie's line
after it ended up embedded in her finger - ouch!

expect that's the last picnic of 2011
with Amy, my mum and Amy's friend Rob


  1. Hi Janice! Ow lala, you have a very handsome son in law! (or is he just a friend???) :-)
    Exciting news Amy is off to Thailand this Oct. I can guess you will miss her.
    Take care!

  2. Ha ha ---- just a friend. Yes, I will miss Amy like crazy but feel very proud that she has the guts and confidence to do this. In fact, just heard from her that she is flying out to Bangkok on October 10 (which means it is really real now).
    Hope you are ok and enjoying life.
    love Janice x