Wednesday, September 28, 2011

moving on out on Wed 12 October

Still at Trent Lock but plan to start moving again on Wed 12 October  (watch the Trent will be flooded then!!).    Amy flies out to start her new job in Thailand on the 11th and I’ll be seeing her off from Heathrow.

Hasn’t the weather been glorious these last few days ?!   Wow!!    Dai done some fishing and I’ve been sunning on the bankside.    The stuff I thought was duckweed is actually water fern and it is still here - seems to gather round the boat - like a thick green/brown carpet - evening time and when the pump comes on in the water by Trent Lock, it disperses it.

We’ve been getting up super early this last week or so to catch the Rugby World Cup - supporting Wales of course!!!  ---- and they’re doing well so far ……………

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and  0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1425 miles and  1165 locks 

biggest tench in the world

and --- biggest perch ever 

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