Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chucks Away !

Yes - we have upped sticks (or rather pins, rings and bollards) from Trent Lock and set sail once more.

Many thanks to John and Mick at Kingfisher Narrowboats for all the work they have done for us and letting us moor there - much appreciated.

We got the new hinge for the gas locker lid from Piper Narrowboats by post on Monday and got it welded on but trouble was by then it was soooo windy that we decided not too sensible to go down Trent Lock onto the River Trent.   So spent Monday night being buffered to sleep!    The wind had calmed down enough Tuesday morning to resume cruising operations so off we jolly well went.    Yes, it was still windy but we braved the River, then through Sawley back onto the River, across Derwentmouth and onto the Trent & Mersey.      Sorry to friends who we missed before leaving but sure you understand that we had to “take the window of opportunity” with the winds and also wanted to get off the River just in case the levels rose as we didn’t want to get stuck on the Erewash.

Tonight we are moored at Weston-on-Trent in the middle of nowhere and just heard the weather forecast which is for a widespread frost tonight.   I looked back at my diary and last year, first frost of 2010 winter was on Oct 17 so two days later this year!!

Don’t mention the rugby …… we was robbed.      I just can’t tell you on here Dai’s reaction to Sam Warburton being sent off (but am sure you can imagine!!).

Since last blog we have done …  6 miles and  6 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1433 miles and  1171 locks  

opposite Trent Lock on River Trent
we have gone onto the Trent and Mersey

our solar panels
(think I've already posted this but Fred wants to see them again!)

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