Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orangutan Arms

It’s a wonder I can type tonight ---- walked about a mile up the towpath, through an industrial estate to Morrisons where we wanted some milk and a pumpkin ready for Halloween.   OK, no problem so just took a couple of shopping bags instead of the wheelie bag normally used for shopping.   I really should know better.   Ended up with two full bags so heavy (several good offers), I could hardly lift either of them.    If Dai was a true husband he would have carried them both but no, I had to carry one so my arms are a foot longer than this morning.  Need some TLC so we’re going for an Italian meal at the Bridge Inn (canalside at Bridge 34) - one of our favourite Italian places on the system.

Left Weston-on-Trent last Thursday up to Willington where we stayed until Monday and have been here at Branston (just through Burton-on-Trent) at Bridge 34 since.    Depending on weather tomorrow (heavy rain is forecast) we plan to travel to Alrewas.

Lovely walk around Branston Lake which is, we would estimate, about two foot down in water level so Foxxie not too impressed as she normally has a good stick fetching game in the lake!    It is a reclaimed gravel pit with a maintained footpath all the way round.   It's only about half-a-mile round but nothing to stop us doing a few circuits!

Had a lovely meal on Jandai last Thursday evening when friends Andy and Stephen joined us for a veggie curry, homemade Welsh cakes and real ale - a good time.

Super sunny weather this last week although the nights are cold so fire in full swing from around teatime.

Since last blog we have done …  6 miles and  6 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1433 miles and  1171 locks  


Branston Water Park - right next to the canal at Bridge 34

The Bridge Inn, canalside by bridge 34.   Fab Italian food 

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