Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still Here !

Slight change of plan and we are still here at Trent Lock !     One of the hinges on the front gas locker has kaputted ---- another on its way from Piper Narrowboats but latest it’ll be here should be Monday.    Once received we will be on our way.

Amy is now in Bangkok Thailand having flown out there Tuesday morning.    Was all a bit traumatic for me.    I am so very proud of her having the confidence and guts to do this.    But I think all you mums and dads out there will know how I am feeling.    I just have to keep telling myself that we’re living our dream so Amy needs to live hers.    We will of course go out to visit her but not sure when yet - pity we can’t get there by narrow boat !!

Dai now on tenterhooks for Saturday morning - the Wales v France rugby.   At least kick-off is at 0900 not the silly times the previous games have been!   I’m crocheting him a Welsh Leek outfit which I’m convinced will be most fetching ----- and then I have a cunning plan for the Final which I can’t divulge on here cos it’s a Big Surprise                       (think sheep) ……………..

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and  0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1427 miles and  1165 locks  

looks good doesn't it?
not sure if it'll fit though

Amy and Rosie at Heathrow on Oct 11
as they go to catch aeroplane to Thailand

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