Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bobbing About

----- like a cork in the surf!    At least that’s what it’s been feeling like these last few days with the gales and winds.    We are all on our lonesome at Coole Pilate - there was one boat here when we arrived on Monday but they left a couple of hours later.    Only a couple of boats gone by and one of them was a hireboat from Overwater Marina which is only about half a mile away from where we are now.

Saw the New Year in watching firework display in Audlem which, for a little village, was quite spectacular.   Foxxie has never been fazed by fireworks and this was no exception - she sat with us watching them all.

We had visitors last Friday - Dai’s brother Glyn and Linda - so we spent a couple of hours in the Shroppie Fly sampling some very good real ale.

Spent a bit of time reflecting on 2011 - as you do - and share with you some of our thoughts:

  • Bottle cupboard still as full as when we set out one year and 278 days ago
  • Not killed each other yet
  • No illnesses or emergencies
  • Met some great people, some of whom have become firm friends
  • Sleeping more in tune with the seasons
  • Had a great “holiday” moored up in Long Eaton catching up with family and friends for just over 8 weeks
  • Dai still not grasped the concept of “hunter” although his “gathering” is quite good
  • No life-changing dramatic events like there was in 2010 ---- expect for Amy going to live and work in Thailand (and I miss her so much, thank god for Skype and Facebook Chat)

Since last blog we have done … 2 miles and  2 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1551 miles and  1236 locks  


  1. Hi

    Found your blog and been having a read, not all of it mind being there's one year and 278 days plus the run up to your D-Day. We're planning a similar lifestyle in the near future along with our two dogs and are getting a boat surveyed next week at Overwater Marina that's just round the bend from you, so who know's, our path's might cross at sometime.

    Can you give me an answer to a how long's a piece of string question, what would you stab at for a years running / living costs. Most of our calculations are guestimates and it would be good to have a real life indication.

    Not sure how you'd respond to this as I'm not a blogger, but maybe you'll be able to give a clue in your next blog.

    All being well we'll be on the water for a few weeks in February so I'll keep an eye on you're blog in case we're close.

  2. hello anonymous
    perhaps you could give us your names and your email address?
    cheers, Janice