Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Daffodils!    Yes, we saw first one in bloom on Sunday as we came up Hurleston Locks at start of Llangollen Canal which was one day later than when we spotted a hawthorn in new leaf with blossom !!    Didn’t have camera with us at the time and when we went by on the boat the next day, couldn’t get close enough to take proof as the tree was well into the back of the towpath.     

We have just had our first bad frost of this winter - awoke Sat, Sun and Monday mornings with it white over but today its been very mild - I even had to take off my gloves and hat doing the locks!    Some thin ice over the Shroppie we noted when walking around Hurleston Reservoir Tuesday morning and also a covering in the Hurleston pounds but none out on the actual canal.    We have heard the Llangollen hardly ever freezes because of the amount of water pouring down from the River Dee at the top - however, it did last year but hoping it won’t this !

Have joined a convoy since Nantwich!!!     Four other “blogging boats” heading up the Llangollen so undoubtedly we will keep bumping into Armadillo; Rock ‘n’ Roll; Seyella’s Journey; and Moore2Life as we all progress up the canal.    Today we are all at Wrenbury.

As mentioned last week, this is Dai’s list of “what wouldn’t you be without on the boat?” 

  • Ipod
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Radio
  • Bow saw (for cutting wood found on foraging expeditions)

Since last blog we have done … 8 miles and  9 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1563 miles and  1247 locks  
These frosty evenings give loads of
sunset photo opportunities

saves on the pegs I suppose

First daffodil of 2012 spotted on Hurleston Locks Flight

Taking a towpath walk early one frosty morning.
I even had to wear furry hat Amy gave me as she
definitely doesn't need it in Thailand !

Looking down Hurleston Locks Flight

Dai rigging up the fat ball feeder using an
ingenious pulley system designed for those
pesky high branches
Our first mooring on the Llangollen Canal
NB Armadillo just in front of us

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