Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eccles Cakes Rule

After some deliberation last Thursday we decided to turn around and not carry on the last 4 miles to Llangollen.    We have been over the Pontcysyllte aqueduct quite a few times before and heard that the towpath moorings up at Llangollen were full of winter moorers so it would mean going into the marina.    As it was icy underfoot we decided not to do this as neither me nor Foxxie like frozen slippery pontoons!

So we are now making our way back down the Llangollen and think when we get to the bottom that we’ll turn left and go into Chester and then possibly down to Ellesmere Port.   That’s the plan today but, who knows, it may change over the next couple of weeks!!

We had to de-ice the lift bridge at Froncysyllte last Thursday as I just couldn’t shift it with the windle.    So, along came “muscle man” and (ha ha) he couldn’t shift anything either!      So we ended up pouring boiling hot water between the bridge floor and the wooden beam it sits on when in the down position.     That did it.

Stocked up in Chirk with meat from the butcher there plus a tin full of Eccles cakes which lasted until yesterday!!   So good job we will be in Ellesmere tomorrow for shopping.    

We were going to do the Montgomery Canal on our way back but have decided against it as we do need to get to some shops and today we walked down to the Queens Head pub which is about halfway down the navigable length.     No ice at all now though.    It’ll still be there when we come this way again and, who knows, maybe the restoration will have opened up some more by then.

Wales did good again last Sunday beating Scotland but no games this coming weekend.   Next matches weekend of Feb 25 when Wales play England - exciting !!
Thought I'd share this link - I just love this Aldi TV ad - first seen last night 
Aldi tea ad
just locking up as we go for a walk
down the Montgomery Canal

we think this must be an old water pump on the
Montgomery Canal.    Spotted a few during
first 4 miles of the canal from Frankton Locks.
Are they?    If not, what are they?

on the Montgomery Canal by Graham Palmer Lock.
Pity his face is wearing away 

Foxxie intent on something (which she didn't catch)

---- instead of usual max speed of 4 mph.
Slower speed because of rare weeds growing
side of Montgomery Canal

several of these seen on Montgomery Canal.
Dai says they are owl boxes - is he right?


  1. The face of Graham has not weathered off, it was vandalised about 8 years ago. WRG started a collection at Burton on Trent IWA National in 2004 but I can't find out what is happening to it.