Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Derr-der de-der-der

….. Why are woodpeckers making this noise when in really they don’t???    what I mean is, on cartoons they der-der but not in real life at 7 o’clock in the morning!!     Well, it makes a change from being woken up by ducks a-quacking!!   Twice this week the woodpeckers have done it ----- and don’t tell me they are chipping out their nests!!!   Oh the joys of living in the countryside - it is truly wonderful.

This week we have moved from just before the Whitchurch Arm; down through the Grindley 3-lock staircase and the 3 more in the flight; down Povey’s Lock; Willeymoor Lock; Quoisley Lock; Marbury Lock to Wrenbury where we are moored right now.    There is a ABC Leisureboats base here which is full of their hireboats which are also spread up the canal, moored on the offside for some way.   Another month and most will be out all the time as this is reputed to be the system’s busiest canal.  

After we had descended Grindley Locks we moored up and spent a “happy hour” topping up the diesel tank and our jerry cans from the garage which is right next to the canal.   “Happy” as the price is 81.5 pence per litre which is about 5p or so cheaper than the last lot we bought.     We then - for a change - decided to have a lunchtime pint so walked over the road to the Horse and Jockey.    Can you believe it?     Eight different real ales so a lot of deciding had to be done!!     We also went for a chip cob each with grated cheese - yummy - real chips!

Wherever we moor, one of the first jobs to do is put out the bird feeders if there is somewhere to hang them on the towpath - I would guess they get out about 70% of the time.    Usual diners are tits (blue and great mainly) with the occasional sparrow and chaffinch.    The robin then generally turns up and asserts his authority by flying at the others and invariably they dart away until his back is turned and they try again.    The robin however cannot use any of the feeders as he keeps batting his wings so cannot get a foothold -- even on the seed feeder which has sticky-out bits at the hole where the bird pecks in for the seeds.    No doubt you all know this but the reason I am saying all this is that last Monday we discovered the robin who can land on the fat-ball feeder and the peanut feeder and feed.    First time we have seen this - you see, no matter how many times you see the norm, something/body/bird comes along and does the opposite!!

Yes - definitely noticing its getting warmer now - both during the day and night.     Boat back doors being left open - much to Foxxie’s delight so she can come and go, on and off as she pleases and we travelled yesterday without coats, hats, gloves, thermals, etc etc.    just sweatshirts.    Before we know it, out will come the sandals and shorts!!

Since last blog we have done … 12 miles and  10 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1631 miles and  1271 locks  

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