Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yellow Pencil

-------- this is our saying for when we are doing a stretch of canal not done before!!    We actually do have a UK map with all the waterways on and mark it with yellow highlighter pen where we have cruised on Jandai.     Dai has done lots of canal that I haven’t done as he hired for donkeys years before we met. Where we are cruising now is "yellow pencil" for Dai, me and Jandai ---- ooooer, and Foxxie too!    

We are on our way towards Chester still on the Shropshire Union but past Barbridge Junction (where you can turn onto the Middlewich Branch).    It’s a wide canal (like a river for most of it!!) with wide locks which are sooooo slow to fill and empty - good job we’re in no rush !

So since restocking with provisions at Nantwich last weekend, we winded and came back past Hurleston locks, Barbridge Junction, Calveley, Bunbury (with its 2-lock staircase) and Beeston and tonight are moored just by Tattenhall Marina in the middle of nowhere!

Before we left Nantwich we had a curry at our favourite Indian restaurant there - The Red Melon - and a pint or two of Black Cat at The Crown Hotel.

For the first time ever since fitting the current aeriel last August, we couldn’t find any telly reception last night moored between the Stone Lock and the Iron Lock at Beeston - good job it isn’t the weekend yet as there’s more Six Nations rugby!

Since last blog we have done … 21 miles and  15 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1652 miles and  1286 locks  

sun's in my eyes!

Locks are doubles from Barbridge junction into Chester
but at the Iron Lock, Beeston, it is single passage only

Dai and Jandai coming down the Iron Lock
at Beeston - just a bit leaky!

ruins of Beeston Castle

here you can see why Beeston Castle
was built where it was - it's on the top of the mount

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  1. Hi Jan and Dai. I found your blog last week and have read the whole lot, right from the beginning! What a wonderful life you are leading. Love the photos, especially Foxxie! Keep writing... your adventures make a great read. Best wishes, Alistair