Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1300 locks

---- since we set off on our travels a week short of 2 years ago!

Not a lot to tell you this week.   We left Nantwich pointing south, spent a few days at Coole Pilate (one of my favourite moorings) and are now at Audlem on the embankment before the Shroppie Fly lock.    Glorious sunshine since an hour or so ago and less than a week before the clocks go back - wonderful!

Oh, of course, there was the matter of Wales winning the Grand Slam in the Six Nations rugby last Saturday - much celebration here, toasted by Welsh Whiskey which I bought Dai about 2 years ago.    Well, it seemed a good time to open it!

I’m busy sewing new liners for the boat curtains - bit of a long job with no sewing machine, good job I like hand sewing isn’t it!   I have washed the old ones as I replaced them but only good for rags - the dirt came out but no the fading.   Well, they have been up for 3 years so can’t really complain.

Audlem flight of locks next and the next town is Market Drayton.    

Since last blog we have done … 6 miles and  4 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1681 miles and  1300 locks


  1. You'll be a bit out of step with the rest of us if you put your clocks back -- we'll all be putting them forward!

  2. ha ha ---- mmmmm !!!! Forward it is then! Must stop writing the blog after a bottle of wine!

  3. Hi Janet/Dai
    Lovely to meet you both over the weekend.
    Happy cruising.