Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Years Today !!

---- since we set off on our travels.   Two whole years - doesn’t seem like it though!   And, yes, we're still loving every minute and still have absolutely no regrets about taking to this life.

Total miles and locks below as usual but the two year stats are interesting!
Year one:  1073 miles and 943 locks
Year two:    609 miles and 368 locks
As you can see, it took us quite some time at the beginning to get into the “continuous cruiser” mode - I think we’re now in it don’t you?!

Today we are moored between locks 2 and 3 of the Audlem flight at Coxbank pointing south loving these hot sunny days and it’s only March.   Unbelievable really.   Dai looks like a ripe tomato.    I just don’t get it - we’ve been as long in the same sunshine and I still look so pasty!!

Our roof is looking like a wood yard extension again!!    Just as we were running a wee bit low, BW came and pruned a load of ash trees by the lock at the Shroppie Fly pub.   They told Dai he could help himself at the end of the day when they had done, so we were on full alert.    Ha ha!!    Obviously not as alert as some locals who were standing by with a huge trailer!!    Oh no, I had visions of men and logs in the canal as they fought for the best bits!    But no, there was plenty for everyone so hopefully now we won’t need any more until next autumn time.

Dai is having to do without his Girly Button for a bit.    The bow  thruster is damaged and can’t be fixed until Jandai is out of the water in September when she has her bottom blacked.    George from Audlem Boat Services came along and gave us the diagnosis and was quite upset that he couldn’t fix it but we totally understand the issue and didn’t want flooding and subsequent sinking for him to fix it !

Met more lovely bloggers this week - Les and Jacqueline of NB Valerie.   Don’t forget the Eccles cakes from Chirk butcher when you get there!

Since last blog we have done … 1 miles and  11 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1682 miles and  1311 locks  

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  1. I really find life on a narrowboat fascinating...I don't think I would have any regrets, either, if I had the opportunity to live life afloat. Thank you for sharing.