Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hotter than Hawaii

Well, apparently so for tomorrow!!    Forecast says we will see around 16 degrees C - got to be some drastic change from today then as its blowing a gale and just started to rain.   Ok, so the outside thermometer is registering 10 degrees but with the wind chill it must be around 0 degrees.    

Moored today at the top of the Prees Branch just through Bridge 46 otherwise known as Whixall Moss Roving Bridge.   Dai wants to purchase a bigger funnel to decant diesel from jerry cans into the boat tank so less is lost into the canal so we walked down the Prees Branch as BW have a chandlery there at the Whixall Marina.   What we forgot is that you can’t actually get across the canal from the towpath ---- unless you swim --- so mission not accomplished.

Boat movement now decreased as half term over (although I understand there are some schools on holiday this week) so no more watching hire boat antics - not until Easter anyway!   

We stayed over last weekend at Ellesmere when this time we did venture out to sample the local beers.   Called into the pub past the Ellesmere hotel, turn right past the Indian - no name outside and can’t remember what it is called.    Last year it was up for sale and has now been bought and apparently doing well.    Good.    Real old fashioned pub selling beer at £2 a pint !!    We didn’t try that but did have some other real ale at £2.60 a pint which is fairly “cheap” from what we have been paying lately.    It was good.     Also called into the Black Lion.   Now, 2 years ago we went there and walked out after about 3 swallows of beer as it was disgusting so ventured in with some trepidation.    However, the beer was good so we’ll just say that the previous pint must have been “off” and the Black Lion is back on our list of acceptable pubs!!

First snow of this winter last week!    We woke up on Sunday to about half-an-inch but it was all gone by lunchtime as the sun shone brilliantly all day although temp didn’t get much above 0 all day.

Since last blog we have done … 11 miles and  0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1619 miles and  1261 locks  


  1. Should have gone up to the agricultural merchants whilst you were in Ellesmere, they would have a funnel !

  2. aw, thanks Alf !! However, we now fixed up with a mega funnel from Motor World in Whitchurch so fixed up