Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anyone for croquet??

Ummm - not much to report today.    Been a quiet week waiting for the sun to shine.  I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that it’s the Longest Day tomorrow so all downhill from Thursday folks.    Mind - I’m keeping quiet so I’ll say it very softly “the sun is out today and it is pleasantly warm.”   --------- there, said, so I won’t go on about it.

Had a super meal at The Queen’s Head at bottom of Tardebigge Flight on Saturday with Glyn and Linda.    The food has always been good whenever we’ve stopped here and again was impressive.   They do a bit more than the usual Pub Grub (although you can still have variations on that if you want) with quite a lot of choice.   We all had something different and were all very satisfied.   Black Sheep beer too so everyone happy!    They have a big canalside garden - such a shame it hasn’t had much use so far this year.

Did our usual trek to Morrisons from there - Dai did find a short(er) way but meant a very thin, very muddy track for some of the way so trolleys were out, therefore did a trek Sat and Sun with shopping bags instead.

Had help up the second half of Tardebigge Flight on Monday when our pals Martine and Philippa from Cool Canals joined us ------------ although Dai pronounced it took us longer to do second lot of locks than first 15 for all the yakking going on.    He always shows off with an audience so 3 women to shout at meant he was in his element!!

So now we are at Alvechurch at a super mooring as there is plenty of grass for us to set up loungers, picnic tables and rugs, barbies, cricket pitch, croquet lawn, etc etc  ---- and Dai will have chance to try out his new garden shears purchased at Morrisons for just this situation where the mooring is very grassy and needs a bit of pruning.  The official grass cutting misters are still toiling through Tardebigge locks and probably won’t get up here for a few days by when, naturellement, the sun will have disappeared again and summer activities will be curtailed.

Since last blog we have done … 6 miles and 36 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1816 miles and  1505 locks  

goo on Phillippa - nearly up
now what do I do with this?
it's not going to go down by glaring at it Dai
that's the way to do it !   Lady Power Rules

coming out of the top lock of Tardebigge Flight
BW have built a dam to work behind
to fix the leak
and here's the dam as we go by ever so slowly

no sooner requested than done!
nice area of mooring sheared

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