Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wait for it ------

----- it’s not raining today!!   Big Shout!!   Bring out the bunting (oh no, can’t --- it got soggy and saggy the other weekend and not dried out yet).   No socks on today but dare not shed any more clothes - you know what happened last time.    It always makes us quietly smile (or should I say, snigger gleefully) when we see those men (and, yes, sorry, it is invariably men) who must chant to themselves “I’m on me holidays, so I’m wearing me shorts and jesus sandals - and I have to keep me socks on otherwise me feet'll get burn.”   Nine times out of 10 it’s hire boaters but then we must think charitably and assume it is their annual holiday so obviously you have to bring out the sun wear.

And what about those Admiral Hats?      I think they are so cool and keep meaning to get one for Dai as he repeatedly retorts that he doesn’t want a crow-shitted, multi-coloured beanie hat when I am umming and harring  on a new crafty project.    And I must tell you that I nearly fell off the rear deck the other day when “Bouffant Man” was spotted cruising by - now there’s a man who looks good in shorts with his white socks halfway up his calves.    Obviously he misses out with the Admirals Hat as it would surely mess up his coiffeured white locks.

Anyway - where are we?     Came out of Worcester and spent a few days at Tibberton (nice mooring no doubt when the towpath isn’t under floodwater) and then today are at Stoke Works by the “Boat and Railway” pub between the 6 Astwood Locks and the 6  Stoke locks before the 30 Tardebigge locks (yes, all those locks we came down a couple of weeks ago, we now are poised to go up).  

When we used to hire narrow boats, then I was quite happy to take my turn at steering and Acting Captain through locks but must admit, since owning Jandai, I have turned into “must do the locks as it’s good exercise” woman.    This is not an excuse, it’s perfectly true plus you get the chance to socialise with other same-minded ladies.   However, fed up with Dai’s constant whinging, I did take Jandai through a couple of lock flights this last week - sheer stress.    Let me tell you, I am full of the upmost admiration for all you men folk who do this day in and day out - funny though, when you bang the boat “well, it is a contact sport” and when we ladies do it’s “you should have gone to Spec Savers you blind old bat”.     Ummm - I’m only doing in future if I get to wear an Admiral’s Hat.

Since last blog we have done … 12 miles and 20 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1810 miles and  1469 locks  

my style don't you think?

a lot of the Worcs and Birmingham Canal from Tibberton
to Stoke Works is like this - reminds me
of the Everglades.   On the lookout for crocs
as no doubt it hasn't been dredged for 60 million years

time for a bit of arty photography!
An Admiral's Hat to anyone who can tell me what it is
(and no, it isn't the same as pic above with
my fingers over each side of the lens!)

we spent a bit of time sitting in the sun
by lock 23 where there's a Black Prince
hireboat base watching one of their
new shells being lifted into the canal
(main reason I'm showing you this is
 proof of a blue sky today)

steady as she goes - almost in the water now

'scuse me - speed limit on a canal is 4 mph


  1. My wife takes the same view on locks and I am lucky if I am allowed to do one now and again. She is quite capable of driving the boat and often takes the helm, but as soon a lock comes into site she is off with her windlass.