Thursday, June 28, 2012

Detox Day Necessary

I know, I’m a day late posting but there is a good reason - just not very exciting!   Laptop battery died about a week ago so I ordered replacement off the internet and got it delivered to Dai’s brother who lives close to Birmingham.   So it was delivered to us Tues evening - oh no, more pub visits necessary!   Only thing was that we didn’t have to run the engine yesterday cos lots of solar power - hence no blog last night.    Note that I am not allowed to have the engine running just for things like charging new laptop battery.   Dai has just turned engine one cos we are in the middle of a god almighty thunderstorm so he is thinking “ar, no sun today, so I’ll have to run the engine for a bit.”

Yes, we have moved from Alvechurch and are now moored in Birmingham City Centre just opposite the National Indoor Arena - just about the nicest, quietest moorings around here.    I must admit I do like a couple of days so close to a big city to go shop-sighting and get my fill of hustle and bustle, then am dying to get back to open countryside.   At least we managed to buy some essentials not available so readily in the countryside like a new lens for Dai’s camera, some embroidery threads I was missing, new zip for one side of the cratch and great, cheap meat, fruit and veg from the Bullring Markets.

Had a great few days in Alvechurch catching up with our boatie friends Martine and Philippa - those of Cool Canals fame.  Who, incidentally bought their narrow boat shell from John and Mick of Kingfisher Narrowboats when we were at their boatyard at Trent Lock last year getting Jandai’s bottom blacked.     Mindyou, yesterday was designated a detox day as we had more than our fair share of sherbets both on the boat and at the pub all the while we were with them!     

While here we have met up again with Narrowboat Free Spirit - we last saw Irene and Ian at Kingfishers when they were having some work done by John and Mick whilst we were there last autumn so was nice to have regular towpath chats!

Next phase of our cruising is down Farmer’s Bridge locks here in Birmingham and onto the Birmingham and Frazley canal as we make our way slowly back to Trent Lock for blacking.

Thunderstorm abated now, but not looking like I’ll be out with my chair catching some rays anytime today - o well, one days sun then 6 days cloud, rain and totally iffy - that’s the English summer for you!

Since last blog we have done … 10 miles and 0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1826 miles and  1505 locks

no - come back, still room for some more
well, it doesn't mention "dirty boaters" does it .... so ......
come on Foxxie
yea, made it
umm - wouldn't like to be living there
in middle of today's thunderstorm
Dai tells me that the hangie-down thingies
under this bridge were for carrying
telephone wires up and down the canals
and, another thing you see a lot on the BCN
are these "doors" in the bridges which were
cut out in case fire fighters needed water
straight out of the canal
This is the new library in Birmingham taken from where
we are moored which is due to be opened in 2013 -
am looking forward to this as it looks like
it will be a fab building inside as well
poor old Foxxie - no grass for her to lie on
here in middle of Birmingham and no
hedgerows to mo-zzy about in


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